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Composite Fillings
Our office offers tooth-colored resin materials to restore fractured or chipped teeth in certain situations. We also use this material to place fillings in teeth with cavities.

Air Abrasion
Air abrasion is a technology that uses a stream of air and fine silica particles to remove small cavities and/or prepare teeth for sealants. Air abrasion may be used as a conservative alternative to traditional means of removing cavities in preparation for placement of a tooth colored filling. When used prior to placing dental sealants, air abrasion cleans the surface of the tooth and creates a more retentive surface for the sealant.

Dental crowns (or caps) are placed on damaged teeth to restore the approximate shape, color, and/or function of the original tooth. Reasons a tooth may require a crown include loss of tooth structure due to a large cavity, tooth fractures or chips, the presence of large fillings, and/or undesireable shape or color.

Crowns may be made out of porcelain, metal/gold alloys, or a layering of porcelain over metal.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. When a tooth is lost due to dental trauma or disease, it may be replaced by connecting a false tooth to two crowns on either side. A bridge is considered a "fixed" restoration because it does not have to be removed by the patient to be cleaned.

Alternative treatments for a single or a few missing teeth include dental implants, maryland bridges, or partial dentures. We can provide a consult for you to discuss which options may be right for you.