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Gross Debridement
A gross debridement is the first step of Scaling & Root Planing, that is done when there is excessive build-up on the teeth. This first debridement is when most of the "tartar" or calculus is removed from the teeth. This allows for the gum tissues to begin healing and the inflammation to go down.

Scaling & Root Planing "Deep Cleaning"
Periodontitis, or "gum disease", is a degenerative disease of the gum tissues and supporting bone around the teeth that is caused by bacteria found in plaque and calculus deposits on the teeth.
Left untreated, the supporting gum and bone tissues can deteriorate to the point where the teeth become mobile and eventually may be lost due to lack of bone support.
Patients exhibiting periodontal disease often require a more thorough cleaning of the teeth, which entails cleaning hard mineral deposits found on both the exposed visible part of the tooth as well as below the gum line to eliminate the offending bacteria. This procedure is referred to as scaling and root planing.

Perio Maintenance
Patients exhibiting periodontitis generally require more frequent check-ups and cleaning visits due to the progressive nature of the disease. Maintenance visits are scheduled every 3 to 4 months, rather than the standard 6 month intervals.